I do my best to be open, to be active, to reflect, and to listen. I seek the healing qualities of Light; finding comfort in the stillness, the void, and the realm of Pure Potentiality. It is in the absence of “matter” and chaos I hear the voice of God. I challenge myself to grow beyond my adversities and to emerge anew ascending to the call of God. I believe that it is in my surrendering to the Light that the true mystery of God is unfolded.

I am called to Light through meditation, prayer and reflection. Drawing from ancestral traditions, I seek comfort in the stillness. I am guided by an inner ache that springs forth wisdom, creativity, and my voice. I am drawn to the Light to overcome fear, adversity, and stagnation. It is in the Light that I am called to speak, to write, to teach and to heal.

Seek the healing qualities of light, value the warmth, the comfort, the insight and the vastness of human consciousness. Seek within community the revelation of God for the presence of God resides within All of humanity. Look to Self as if you are part of a whole. Act in unity and solidarity. You are the Word. You are the Light and Love of Divine potentiality expressed through Joy.

Blessed with freewill to love unconditionally, You are an expression of Divine Will. You are compassion, hope, and forgiveness designed to awaken relationships to One’s Higher Self and One’s potentiality. You are a portal to access Divine information and thereby releasing blocks and emotional patterns that no longer serve.

The Universal Consciousness is awakening with a joyous triumphant embrace. For the time has come to reconnect with Source. It is here.  It is Now. The time has come to fulfill your Divine Contract. Awaken Archangel Awaken and rejoice for it is so. You do know who you are., Divine, I AM Presence. Trust that it is so.

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