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Monthly Archives: November 2015

One ought to consider that this ache that yearns seemingly by discontent and suffering is sometimes the voice from within.  It is the twinge of powerlessness that reminds us of our state of duality and calls us to transformation. Ann Oswald Laird Big Sur, California

  Being truthful to myself means that I must recognize the ache that comes from within that calls me to love. Learning to love is the realization that at times we have to learn to trust the one’s we love. To let them make their own mistakes and decide what is right and what is wrong. Learning to love sometimes asks us to let go, to surrender, to step aside and to… Read More

Let’s just say, that God manifests in and through the revelations of experience on the wings of human form.  Further, let’s just say that the revelation of God is seen, heard, felt and expressed in and through the heart and hands of human form. We are called to make manifest. Ann Oswald Laird Beach near Big Sur, California  

Allow yourselves to breathe in the frequencies of nature. Absorb the frequencies of the trees, the leaves, the waters, the mountains and all of Mother Earth as you Awaken to the harvest of the Revelation of Oneness Consciousness. Ann Oswald Laird On a walk in Cooks Forest Pennsylvania

I Am inspired to empower and provide resources for every Sentient Being to access the Universal Energy that flows in vast abundance. I believe in the full attainability of Spiritual Ascension that will liberate and connect us back to our true nature. I believe in the empowerment of those called to tap into Universal Consciousness, to be an expression of truth, beauty and to make manifest. Therefore, I inspire you to find within… Read More

Ask yourself, what would the Earth experience be like if I as a creator being manifested through the heart?  For when we create from the heart, we as a collective, manifest wellness and not more diseases, love and not more hate, unity and not more diversity, peace and not more war, education and not more excuses, acceptance and not more prejudices, stillness and not more chaos, life and not more death……. Ann… Read More

Blessed are the Spirits in the flesh who dwell in the realms of Peace, Love and Oneness. Ann Oswald Laird

I inspire you, to be fully present to the voice within, to quiet the chatter, to seek stillness in nature and to cultivate your relationship with commitment. It is Here. It is Now. Oneness is revealed -a dual shift in perspective for you—exterior to interior, materialistic to simplistic, reactive to reflective, disconnected to interconnected, exclusive to inclusive, fundamentalist to symbolic, dogma to praxis and Earth as resources to Earth as the manifestation… Read More

Recognize this within you. Can you be alright with what is? Now is the foundation of a purposeful you. It is the cornerstone of the experiences that are to unfold before you. Be integrity of thought, words and expression. Seek truths. You can never stray when you seek the truth of you. When you are the victim of someone’s perception-In truth are you what they perceive you to be? It is only… Read More

I inspire you to remember loved One, you are Divine in form, a manifestation of Oneness in reflection of the whole. You are Beauty, Spirit, Source. You are as you always dreamed you to be. Ann Oswald Laird Visiting Crater Lake, Oregon