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Ann Oswald Laird: My mission is to empower and provide resources for every sentient being and to access the universal energy that flows in vast abundance.


December 2015


In pursuit of happiness, many seek a drive-thru religion or better yet an instant message from God.

The spiritual quest becomes a weekend retreat, a crash course and a time slot event, an “instant awe.”

An illusion of busyness that is reinforced by a culture of always doing, absorbed in the fast lane of consumerism, due to the compounding influences of buy new, buy better and buy bigger, often identified as the American dream.

I inspire you, to be still, go within, and seek within Self your true happiness, your Oneness and connection to the All.

Ann Oswald Laird

Going within in Death Valley, California


Holding a balance between two extremes, where are you as a consciousness?

Are you guided by a navigation compass looking through the eyes of judgement, 3rd. or are you seeing the world through the eyes of curiosity, 5th.?

Dimension of fear based frequencies vs. dimension of neutrality based frequencies.

You are being called. Illuminate your spark-transform your self awareness for the shift, Evolution of Consciousness is at hand.

We are all within the pyramid of Ascension.

Ann Oswald Laird

The many layers of the Grand Canyon, Arizona




I inspire you, Chosen One, to awaken to the beauty of what it means to Be.

Commit to your journey, the path you contracted, the truth of your incarnation.

Awaken and celebrate anew, be the unification of Spirit in form.

Spread your wings, navigate with Souls intent and hear the voice within.

Oneness is calling.

Ann Oswald Laird

Called within to the desert, Nevada


Cultivate the inn keeper within who greets each encounter with an open door.

Ann Oswald Laird

An insightful Redwood in Muir Woods, California


To All who question, the vastness of the universe is yours.

Ann Oswald Laird

Looking out over the Grand Canyon


Just for today, let go of the concrete, the must do’s and the must haves.

Release expectations of self and others, make no judgements and keep anger at bay,

Be not complacent, idol, nor disinterested, restless, annoyed or argumentative,

Let go of the need to know, to control and to own; the imprints of greed.

Then take a walk and here the calling of what desires to be again.

Ann Oswald Laird

Hiking the Boynton Canyon Vortex in Sedona, Arizona


I inspire you, to honor yourself, your courage and your commitment even when all about seems so chaotic.

Spin a web, a blanket of Love, to weave a sanctuary of stillness to see the higher perspectives and to balance within an inner peace.

Align with the frequencies of Archangel Raphael to expand the heart by embracing the portal of Love.

Allow yourself to see and feel that you have All to assist you, that you are not alone and that there is guidance.

Awaken within a calm, allowing you to be the Light.

Ann Oswald Laird

Walking in Cooks Forest Pennsylvania


Blessed from the stars, I Am honored to welcome the coming of our grandson, Leo Charles.

On 12:09 am Christmas Eve, he was born by the gentle ushering of his Aunt Kassie, His Dad Morgan, and me calling him to Being.

While, Granddad Robert and Uncle Frank were keeping watch outside his room, patiently awaiting his arrival.

His beautiful mother Alliey, so courageously allowed him a natural birth. We honor you so.  We love you and we welcome your baby Leo into our hearts.



I inspire you, to quiet the chatter and seek stillness.

Seek the healing qualities and expand beyond your expectations and the perceptions of others.

For it is in stillness, your Self awaits.

And it is in the union of Self that All is revealed.

Be fully present to the voice within, cultivate your relationship and do so with commitment.

Ann Oswald Laird

enjoying the sun in the vastness of the desert

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