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Ann Oswald Laird: My mission is to empower and provide resources for every sentient being and to access the universal energy that flows in vast abundance.


October 2016


I inspire you to consider that this ache that yearns seemingly by discontent and suffering is sometimes the voice of Oneness.

It is the twinge of powerlessness that reminds us of our humanity and calls us to transformation.  The dull pain is in retrospect to the void or loss that the True Self lives with, in disconnection from Source.

I will suggest that the ache is the knocking on our door and the caller is God.

Expansive vibrations radiates from the joyful Heart of the

Sacred Soul Seat calling us forever home.

Ann Oswald Laird

The morning call in Sedona, Az


In the vastness of the night, I call out. “God where are you?” Feeling abandoned in the darkness and stillness of the open sky, I am alone. Unable to move out of my despair I tremble in the night. Unable to raise my head for fear of having to change, to let go, or to be still,

I negate the brilliant star that envelops me.


In seeking comfort, I must first remember my first love, God. In the stillness of God’s presence, I am comforted. My heart rate relaxes, the anxiety subsides, and through the breathe of Oneness I hear the Word and see the vision that transforms darkness into Light. It is in the stillness of letting go to God that I am comforted.

Ann Oswald Laird

Sedona, AZ


I inspire you, recognize the many who are free within themselves to embrace metamorphosis and cast aside unfounded perceptions.

For they are the teachers of the masses.

Be not so quick to blame those who stumble beside you on their Spiritual Path.

The trials of transformation from the standpoint of having lived through personal life drama is their platform.

The journey plummets them to the depths of what it means to be human in order to manifests a foundation built upon compassion.

Do not judge where they have been but where and how they live their lives today.

Ann Oswald Laird

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


“The more they tested me, the more I began to trust. The results were miraculous.”

We are born of a Consciousness that expands with the power of unity, supports the Will of All, and invites the Spiritual Journey of Self discovery.

Trust the process! A New Earth awaits!

Abandon the states of illusion and allow the Resonance of Heart to be your navigator.

Oneness calls us to examine our part, to forgive and to move to states of compassion.

Ann Oswald Laird

Driving through the Mohave Desert



I inspire you, awaken Dear Soul to the thunderous call, align with the frequencies of Gaia.

Be attentive to the subtle frequencies of an expanded Consciousness.

Awaken the keys within, unlock your cellular memory:

All is Frequency.

All is Light.

Be courageous, non judgemental and align with the vibration of transformation.

Be guided by your heart, the rhythm of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

It is our heritage, our gift; compassionate people where Grace is seen, heard, felt and in full expression.

Be the calling-resonance of the Divine Heart and the unfolding of Oneness.

Ann Oswald Laird

Namibia, Africa compliments of Samantha Scott



I inspire you, lead with love and awaken the portals of compassion, curiosity and joyfulness to transcend the conditions of Karmic patterning.

Be attentive to the subtle frequencies of Oneness Consciousness, the expanded you is calling you forward.

Be non judgemental and align with the vibration of change.

Move through the resistance, awaken and release the density of many lifetimes-

for the unseen is revealed and what no longer serves is no longer.

Ann Oswald Laird

Cooks Forest PA


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