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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Leaders seek to create and manifest joy through the union and co-creation of individuals by sharing and holding space as they awaken to their souls journey. Ann Oswald Laird Monica and I honing in on our leadership skills in Cooks Forest, Pennsylvania 11/11/11

Let’s just say, reality is an illusion of perception that impedes one from moving toward truth. Or let’s just say, maybe reality is a stepping stone that moves one in and out of illusion moving you in the direction of truth. Which one is true for you? Do you live life as if experiences are happening to you? Or maybe, do you live life as if experiences reflect perceptions and allow opportunities… Read More

Within the process of unveiling comes resistance Resistance to change, to do what you know is right, to release what no longer serves you and to follow direction from within. I say, be courageous, be steadfast, move through the confusion, find your voice and trust the process. There is a joyful you calling you forward. Ann Oswald Laird Seeking the path in Death Valley

See value in your essence and manifest something more than just being, but Being, a state of connectedness to All. Ann Oswald Laird Zion National Park

Just for today, let go of expectations, judgements and differences. Just for today, behold the beauty of what it means to be you. Just for today, experience beauty in relationships your share. Just for today, be open to surprise, present to love and express from the heart. Just for today, be thankful for every moment, every encounter and every experience. Ann Oswald Laird Family outing to the Grand Canyon      … Read More

Let there be Light, where there was once suffering, Let there be Light, where there was once unfaithfulness, Let there be Light, where there was once shame, Rejoice and be glad for now there is a space for wellness, forgiveness and self-love. Ann Oswald Laird The Light at Cooks Forest, Pennsylvania

There are but two roads to travel. Reflection of Source. Reflection of Self. Which one speaks to your Souls Journey? Which one calls you to love? Ann Oswald Laird Traveling in the Desert of Nevada

My mission is to be open to the mystery of something far greater than self, to encounter in darkness and in Light the essence of God. I do my best to be open, to be active, to reflect, and to listen. I seek the healing qualities of darkness; finding comfort in the emptiness, the void, and the stagnation. It is in the absence of “stuff” and chaos I hear the voice within…. Read More

It is in seeking the self that the union of All is revealed.  I ask you to be fully present to the voice within, to cultivate your relationship and to do so with commitment.  It is here in the stillness that we are present and it is here that Oneness is revealed. Ann Oswald Laird Joshua Tree Park, California

To engage in the presence of Oneness requires only one commandment: Be still.  However, many individuals have forgotten how to be still and the reasons are plain to see. Yet to be still is the key that unlocks the hidden dimensions of Consciousness. Be stillness. Ann Oswald Laird A still day in Death Valley, California