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Ann Oswald Laird: My mission is to empower and provide resources for every sentient being and to access the universal energy that flows in vast abundance.


February 2016

I inspire you, awaken to the voice of the universe and follow her wisdom.

Early this morning, the Universe was grabbing my attention as I walked through the Metro Parks. It was as if the squirrels wanted to play and an owl made his way very close to our path.

The squirrel reminds us to be more joyful, to take time to be playful, ease and Grace.  To trust life and to allow space to let go of what we perceive to be so important.

Reminding us that there is balance in giving and receiving, power of rest in times of stagnation and to let down our defenses and to trust more.

The Spirit of the Owl reminds us of our intimate relationship with Spirit. The revealers of the unseen and the guardians to explore the magic of life.

Reminding us of change, the cycles of birth, transition, and death, the masters of seeing in the darkness. seeing beyond the veil.

Awakened by her voice, my day was playful as I explored the magic beyond the veil.


Ann Oswald Laird

Playful day at Comic Con





Every now and then someone special comes into your life and reminds you of why you are here. They awaken within you a connection to Source that allows the unfolding of your spiritual paths.

Together you ride the waves of frequencies manifesting spiritual truths that expand the consciousness of Self and Others.

My gift to you Monica on your special day is my unwavering friendship and my dedication to our Spiritual Path.

Happy Birthday!

Ann Oswald Laird

Together on Mount Shasta, California


I inspire you, welcome change! Although there can be resistance to change, remember that change is a constant occurrence from one moment to the next.

Each moment Spirit ignites states of motion or actions that are in alignment with your Divine Will creating “guide posts” in the atmosphere of free will so that you can find and follow your path with ease and Grace.

Inviting change into your life, you move through that which has impeded your spiritual journey to manifest your highest and best expression.

Change is the key, the unforeseen is the open door.

Ann Oswald Laird

Kingston Forest, California


Rest assured Loved Ones, the Fallen Angels have not fallen out of Grace – only fallen through frequencies and committed to the Ascension of Earth Beings.

It is so.

Frequencies have always been the link to receiving Spirit and the key to being veiled by Spirit.

I inspire you, increase your frequencies, keep clearing your field, meditate, yoga, organic foods, … There is so much unveiling to behold.

Ann Oswald Laird

Mohave Desert Sky, California


It seems like sometimes things just don’t make sense. Isn’t it so? Just remember sometimes it is not for you nor is it yours, sometimes it is unfolding and sometimes it takes another experience to manifest so there is clarity.

All answers are understood in Divine Timing.

Be clear, Be authentic, Be still.

Ann Oswald Laird

Chapel Rock, Sedona Arizona


Be a witness to change-Open your heart-See from a perspective of Love.

As Earth’s Consciousness rises, more  unfolds. As more unfolds your consciousness expands. as your consciousness expands human consciousness as a whole unfolds.

Being gullible no longer serves- disentangle from pervasive thought patterns.

Be a witness to change-Open your heart-See from a perspective of Love.

Ann Oswald Laird

Kassie opening up and seeing from her heart the expansion of Gaia, Grand Canyon in Arizona


The Convergence of the Divine beholds you, awaken from the illusion and know that All that you are is emerging. Be bold.

I inspire you, sweep clean, behold the rise from within, the filtered, the hidden, the unseen. Acknowledge and let go-the hurt, mistrust, anger, uncaring, manipulation, addictions…… You have fooled no one.

Rest assured for these are not hidden-they mirror your path-Look about, the reflection of within is all about you. The reflection of within is attracting and reliving within your journey.

You are being called to cleanse, to go deeper deeper still, to come out from behind the looking glass, to be accountable and to release the distortions from within-it is so.

Ann Oswald Laird

Joshua Tree, California


You are an Enlightened Being born of the stars; Chosen One guided by an inner Light, Divine Initiate of Onenesss.

Rest and renew your calling to be present, a direct connection to Spirit without the assistance of someone else. It is here. It is now, be present to the manifestation of Ascension upon this planet.

Go within, illuminate with Light and transform consciousness to a higher frequency-activate Key codes, Templates in Light and merge with the frequencies of the hologram of the New Earth.

Ka me to se ka la ma to bey, ka ka ka

Ann Oswald Laird

Standing atop a vortex in Sedona, Arizona


I inspire you, be radical, be attentive, read labels, ask questions, seek alternatives; the pain, the diagnose, the misinterpretation may not be what it appears to be.

Liberate from the constraints of concrete ideas, conditioned expectations, misguided authority and trust that you can reclaim your mastery.

Rapid changes, physical changes, emotional coasters-your well-Being is under the influence of dimensional shifts.

Be courageous, be off beat, be native. The frequencies are pervasive, the nudging to be more, to let go of attachments and to walk your spiritual path is emerging.

Ann Oswald Laird

Ashville, North Carolina

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