Walk the Path Overgrown

Ann Oswald Laird: My mission is to empower and provide resources for every sentient being and to access the universal energy that flows in vast abundance.




I inspire you, seek within, embody the unfolding of your quest, your Spiritual Journey.

Otherwise, my friend you are navigating solo – separate.

Be present, Go within, Resonance.

Be still-hear the voice within- be awakened –

-the unfolding of you is All.

Navigate my friend, in connectivity; in Unity – Oneness.

Ann Oswald Laird

Driving in the desert of Nevada



I inspire you, when a door opens be open, be curious, be genuine and trust. When you come face to face with change, I say move through the resistance and follow your heart. You may discover that what you truly desire is entering and setting you on a journey of love.

I dedicate this day to my daughter Kassie who has so profoundly opened my heart to love, to love so deeply and to know that no matter what we will always be there for each other. She is an apple from my tree and not far does she fall.  I love her so.

Ann Oswald Laird

My favorite picture of Kassie in Sedona, Arizona

Walk the Path Overgrown

The division between illusion and truth, the place of letting go, and the line of clarity is embedded within intention. Calm the chatter of the mind and stand in a state of neutrality. In doing so, create the potentiality to be in command of your life opposed to being in control of your experiences.

Further, release the need to control the actions of others and allow them to just be. Command and connect outside of self, in Self, ebb and flow, speak clearly, think clearly. Be decisive in your intentions, control verses command, alone verses union.

Begin to manifest the principles of Higher Planetary Consciousness: Oneness, Peace, Love and Compassion expressed through Joy.

Ann Oswald Laird

Big Sur, California

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Over Here

Hear the call, come over here, come over here, come over here. Be honored and accept the resources from within and without –  for whatever doubts you are holding on to will no longer be sustainable, the fear, the judgements, the pain, the uncertainty.

Trust the process, welcome the hailer, seek balance between the shifts, be open, be receptive for higher frequencies are transmutting and recalibrating.

Ann Oswald Laird

Ancient balance , Sedona Arizona

A Kyrios Way

Curiosity carries us. 

Like the the river flowing forth 

from aquarian vessels,

we reign. 

Like monarchs 

in our ruling nature,

we require richness. 

We demand gold

and light – in mental,

emotional and material


Constantly querying

we refine our core beliefs.

We quarry and mine,

leaving no stone unturned.

No body untouched. 

No curry untasted. 

No currency wasted. 

This life is for the taking. 

Hidden gems 

buried deep in the soul

provide mineral wealth. 

To benefit our health,

we dig deep

and root about 


No quandary can stump us.

Our crowns expand 

in the light of our sons. 

We grow thick and tall, 

collecting rings 

upon rings

upon rings…

Yet, honor this fact.

Weather we like it 

or not,


we wither. 

We quiver and shake,

shiver, and turn cold.

Until at long last

we fall. 

Find solace in knowing

that the soil lives on

As worms massage 

our aching shells. 

We continue to see

through our seeds;

as our bodies lay down

for rest. 

This pattern is no curse. 

Know that…

This is what cures us. 

Written by a Soul Friend, G. Michael Bowen


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