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Monthly Archives: March 2020

HOPE Having Opportunities Present Endlessly In the vastness of experience, called life we are all guided by a unique gift, Hope. It is hope that manifests out of the abundance of Oneness. For it is not as if what is, is. What is, is opportunity, potentiality. Hope is the key to unlock the Mystery of suffering, the ladder ascending out of chaos, the impetus for clarity in all situations and the portal to… Read More

Just for today, let go of the concrete, the must do’s and the must haves. Release expectations of self and others, make no judgements and keep anger at bay, Be not complacent, idol, nor disinterested, restless, annoyed or argumentative, Let go of the need to know, to control and to own; the imprints of greed. Then take a walk and here the calling of what desires to be again. Ann Oswald Laird… Read More

I inspire you, to be fully present to the voice within, to quiet the chatter, to seek stillness in nature and to cultivate your relationship with commitment. It is Here. It is Now. Oneness is revealed -a dual shift in perspective—exterior to interior, materialistic to simplistic, reactive to reflective, disconnected to interconnected, exclusive to inclusive, fundamentalist to symbolic, dogma to praxis and Earth as resources to Earth as the manifestation of the… Read More

As the isolation calls us to be, a knowingness pervades the consciousness of a time when we were called to prepare over may lifetimes to embrace stillness. Not just stillness of the Self but stillness of a collective consciousness. It is the breaking down of all societal structures to move more into a unified consciousness. One planet. One People Clearing the path so that All can be a unification of One Soul,… Read More

“The ultimate question for a responsible man to ask is not how he is to extricate himself heroically from the affair, but how the coming generation shall continue to live,” Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor and theologian, was executed in 1945 in a Nazi concentration camp, owing to his compassion and solidarity for the Jewish people and prisoners of war.  Bonhoeffer might suggest, to come to know God is through… Read More