Walk the Path Overgrown


You are called to Light through meditation, prayer and reflection. Draw from ancestral traditions, seek comfort in the stillness. Be guided by an inner ache that springs forth wisdom, creativity, and the still voice within. Drawn upon the Light to overcome fear, adversity, and stagnation. It is in the Light that you are called to speak, to write, to teach and to heal. Do your best to be open, to be active,… Read More

HOPE Having Opportunities Present¬†Endlessly In the vastness of experience, called life we are all guided by a unique gift, Hope. It is hope that manifests out of the abundance of Oneness. For it is not as if what is, is. What is, is opportunity, potentiality. Hope is the key to unlock the Mystery of suffering, the ladder ascending out of chaos, the impetus for clarity in all situations and the portal to… Read More