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Ann Oswald Laird: My mission is to empower and provide resources for every sentient being and to access the universal energy that flows in vast abundance.


March 2016

We Are

The New Clairvoyance -Evolution of Consciousness through Self Initiation-Awakens

As consciousness shifts so does your way of receiving. Archetypes, Sacred Geometry, and Templates in Light have hidden patterns of frequencies within the world.

Self awareness. Universal awareness. Awareness is transversal.

Inner Alchemy. Universal Alchemy. I AM, WE ARE.

Awakening within, Awakening without.

Awaken Dear One, Awaken All .

Ann Oswald Laird

My friend Liz morning meditation Gunnison, Colorado


Recognize all that you have accomplished Peaceful Warrior-Let go and soar.

You are here to awaken the masses, not get taken by the masses. Step into you true power, authenticity, integrity and be the reflection of calm not chaos.

All is as it should be. The awakening of consciousness is through the portal of awareness.  Welcome the oddity, the ridiculous and the absurdity.

The conversation pieces are showing up to clear, be neutral, release the need to engage and allow the process of reasoning to unfold.

Ann Oswald Laird

Cooks Forest, Pennsylvania


I inspire you, align with your Divine Will to initiate an awareness to co-create with out the distortions of fear based realities.

Embrace the veils of density through the steps of awareness, witnessing, and letting go.

Awareness, I AM seeing through the eyes of Divine Will, working resourced, with Spirit, in union with my Divine Plan.

Witnessing, I AM a state of neutrality, without judgement, present, Here, Now, not fueling the fire.

Letting Go, I AM free of judgments, expectations, premonitions, distorted perceptions and releasing what I perceive to be the best outcome for Self, Others and All.

I AM  A co-creation with Spirit that fosters an alignment with Universal Laws-The expansion of Human Consciousness to facilitate changes that are unavailable to common experiences of the Dimension at hand.

The veiled, the unforeseen is activated.

Ann Oswald Laird

Templates In Light


I inspire you, when a door opens be patient, be willing, be committed and be genuine.

Come face to face with the gatekeeper, step through the resistance and accept the direction.

Universal Consciousness is patiently seeding, be open, breathe in and coexist.

For the Journey is grand.

Ann Oswald Laird

Robert in Zion National Park


Perceptional shifts from chaos to stillness, process of becoming aware.

Ease and Grace, a feeling of being home.

Aligning with your I AM Presence, co-creating with Source

Clarity of the mind, anchored in one’s heart.

Echoing the reflection of Divine Consciousness, Universal Love.


Ann Oswald Laird

Death Valley, California


I inspire you, be honest and be o.k. with who and where you are, right here, right now.

Access the state of Beingness and just be there, with chatter in the head, a desire to know more, less or nothing at all. Be o.k. with what is, stuck, restless, without direction, scared, frustrated, in judgment. It is all o.k.

In the state of Beingness, the unveiling, being true to who you are, right here, right now is the access to Oneness, being connected, not separate to All about you.

I say, embrace you, All of you.

Ann Oswald Laird

Mohave Desert, California


I inspire you, to be a Conscious Being. I inspire you to seek authority that enables others to grow and for you to be accountable for the results of your decision process.

For now we are teetering in and out of two states of being; Third and Fifth Dimensional frequencies are influencing.

3rd Dimensional, unconscious, fear based, ruled by manipulating, results oriented, no matter the cost.

5th Dimension; conscious, neutral based, ruled by an inclusive, results oriented, considering all costs.

Look around it is evident to see, enabling for some or enabling for All,

Enabling for this generation, enabling for many generations to come.

Enabling for this country, enabling for all countries, choose consciously!

Ann Oswald Laird

Deep in the Mohave Desert, California

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