I inspire you, align with your Divine Will to initiate an awareness to co-create with out the distortions of fear based realities.

Embrace the veils of density through the steps of awareness, witnessing, and letting go.

Awareness, I AM seeing through the eyes of Divine Will, working resourced, with Spirit, in union with my Divine Plan.

Witnessing, I AM a state of neutrality, without judgement, present, Here, Now, not fueling the fire.

Letting Go, I AM free of judgments, expectations, premonitions, distorted perceptions and releasing what I perceive to be the best outcome for Self, Others and All.

I AM  A co-creation with Spirit that fosters an alignment with Universal Laws-The expansion of Human Consciousness to facilitate changes that are unavailable to common experiences of the Dimension at hand.

The veiled, the unforeseen is activated.

Ann Oswald Laird

Templates In Light

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