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Monthly Archives: April 2020

You are called to Light through meditation, prayer and reflection. Draw from ancestral traditions, seek comfort in the stillness. Be guided by an inner ache that springs forth wisdom, creativity, and the still voice within. Drawn upon the Light to overcome fear, adversity, and stagnation. It is in the Light that you are called to speak, to write, to teach and to heal. Do your best to be open, to be active,… Read More

Unveil the mystery of what it means to be you and you will find the reflection of Me,┬ámany stars united. Unveil the mystery of what it means to be us and you will find the reflection of All,┬ámany solar systems. Unveil the mystery of what it means to be All and you will find the reflection of Oneness, many universes. Unveil the mystery and reflect the qualities of Oneness: gratitude, kindness, compassion,… Read More

I inspire you, the universe is knocking on our door. Are we listening? Can we be in the void, the vastness, the pure potentiality. Can we collectively let go, surrender and soar? Can we keep reaching, keep stretching, out of the comfort zone and experience the ache, the longing from discontent, powerlessness, a reminder of our humanity? Collectively, we stand at the threshold of our transcendence, the caller is knocking, the door… Read More

The Intellectual Self asks what next? The Emotional Self struggles to not implode. The Spiritual Self knowingly is calm. Be Calm The stripping away of limitations to unveil One’s true Self, the Divine Spark of Spirit, Soul of All existence is at play.. Connect through the Spiritual Body and bring balance to all bodies. This is a time of great transformation. The Revolution of Evolution Ann Oswald Laird Ft. Lauderdale Beach 2019