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Monthly Archives: November 2016

I inspire you, awaken and renew your calling, be present: Relax, take in a belly breath and align with the frequencies of the words as they move in through out and around you. Sit comfortably with your palms up, breathe. Anchor in the Illumination of Light and Love, align with the purest potential of Divine Inspiration. Seek Peace, Love and Oneness as you drop down, go deeper deeper still. Release the chatter… Read More

I inspire you, seek within, embody the unfolding of your quest, your Spiritual Journey. Otherwise, my friend you are navigating solo – separate. Be present, Go within, Resonance. Be still-hear the voice within- be awakened – -the unfolding of you is All. Navigate my friend, in connectivity; in Unity – Oneness. Ann Oswald Laird Driving in the desert of Nevada  

Guided by the Light, I Am Presence; behold the frequency of Love and remember you are I and I am you. What so ever you do unto me, you do unto you. Transformation is the key. Unity is the destination. Ann Oswald Laird On the Steps to St Baume, Sanctuary of Mary Magdalene: Judy Satori  

I inspire you, seek not resolution through the veils of control and denial. Seek not separation when all about you is calling you to love. Be present- Go within- Be still and Know. Transformation is at hand; Release the coping skills that no longer serve you. Release the judgements that keep you in bondage. You are being called to a Higher Vibration- Be silence. No more separation – Only Love. Ann Oswald… Read More