Walk the Path Overgrown

Monthly Archives: February 2016

I inspire you, when a door opens be open, be curious, be genuine and trust. When you come face to face with change, I say move through the resistance and follow your heart. You may discover that what you truly desire is entering and setting you on a journey of love. I dedicate this day to my daughter Kassie who has so profoundly opened my heart to love, to love so deeply… Read More

I inspire you, to walk in the woods, a healing in time, a union with the Divine.  Be slow. Do not run. Breathe, Release and Recalibrate. Breathe in the woods, the expression of Gaia. Take within, her very Soul, her nurturing, her wisdom and her Sacred Oneness-Align, Integrate, Activate. Release what no longer serves, transform and become anew-shed the winter and align with Spring, a bud, a new beginning, a softening, a… Read More