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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Awaken Masters the Light is revealed, be grateful, proud, humble and present. The banquet is set, the feast is underway. Celebrate-Celebrate-Celebrate. The union is now, the Master is within, unveiled, expanding and engaged in the mystery. Eat and drink hardy, nourish the Soul. Remember-Remember-Remember The Master’s awaken the Master who waits so still, the union of All, the reflection from within. Oneness, Oneness, Oneness. Ann Oswald Laird Within Death Valley an oasis… Read More

  The Masters are knocking and the gatekeeper is you. Answer the call, be open, be joyful, be gracious and invite them in. They greet you, “Master awaken the Light within” I say, be bold, be committed, be grateful. Welcome them as if a dear friend has come your way. Remember-Remmember-Remember The flicker of Light is awakening in All. Ann Oswald Laird A doorway, Joshua Tree

I inspire you to surrender, to release from distractions and attachments, to be an open conduit, unveiled, attentive, receptive and alive. Moving toward your greater good, confident and protected allowing the past to be and the future to become, as being guided by a compass of the Divine. Awakening a  journey of revelation, unclothed as the Garden of Eden reflects from within. An opportunity to be an expression of nothingness and in… Read More

Awaken the pioneer within sailing uncharted territory captivated by the Spirit of adventure. Seek experience, anchor in higher truths; lighthouses to guide in these awakening times. Travel the journey, the channels, the calm and the unsettled, that which we call karma, life. Do so with conviction, dedication, wonderment and a sense of awe. Be joyful and behold the miracles, the walk upon the water. Ann Oswald Laird Crater Lake, Oregon

Whatever currents within that stir, be still, be still, be still. A lesson, an insight, a regression, a spark, a numbness, a revelation, so myriad underneath. In the depth, the darkness, locked away, building and churning giving rise, a crest. A release, a moment, a reflection, a jolt, an inspiration, it is all the same. Release the need to know. The resistance is here- Allow the expression to be- Release and be anew…. Read More

Like the nymph; the larval of a dragonfly, you are in transition. Quite rapidly,  unexpectedly and unannounced the cycle of change is at hand. The intense transformation from your former self is unfolding. Be patient, gentle, kindhearted and compassionate, allow yourself time to adapt. A renewed, bolder, courageous and illuminate Self is emerging. Ann Oswald Laird Connecting to stillness in Big Sur, California

Seek not the Self only from within, but in the expression of others. For it is there in their expression you may see what lays deep, hidden from the naked eye. Set free aspects of you; submerged, tucked away, asleep, dormant. The Universe is calling; be courageous, see in others, go within, release and awaken anew. Ann Oswald Laird Pacific Ocean

Know that the celebration of cycles from darkness to Light is the awakening of non-duality, the emergence of just Being. The coming of creation; void to form, rest to bloom, stillness to flow. A time of remembrance-I AM. It is as if the Earth and all her inhabitants are becoming anew. Set intentions, release the need to know and align with the pure potentiality of infinite possibilities. Ann Oswald Laird Emergence of… Read More

Remember Dear One, All is, as it is. There is so much to tell you, for that which you call the veil is thinning. Be at Peace and Know- You are connecting to the Most High. The roses are blooming and the circle of Soul family is gathering. It is a time of awakening. Ann Oswald Laird Sunrise,  the awakening of Matter and Spirit


The voice of Gaia moves in and through you Now as if the very blood of hers is yours. Speak of love and compassion for her and rest in the knowing that as she awakens, you are awakened. Ann Oswald Laird Big Sur California