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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Go deeper, deeper still, move beyond the uncertainty. Isolate the pain and be indifferent, Neutral, allow no attachments to create in relation to the experience. Get curious, seek advice, ask questions, allow movement, welcome resolution. Still–Neutrality–Movement–Resolution Ann Oswald Laird Sunset at Valley of Fire, Nevada

On the journey to Truth; I AM, the Absolute, Alpha and Omega, the constant, Reality is both an obstacle and an opening. An illusion of perceptions impeding your growth, stagnation, idleness. A stepping stone that moves you in and out of illusions guiding you, ideas, expansion, ways of doing, always moving, always changing. A barricade for growth, An awakening in pursuit of, Choose wisely: Reality imparts both a closed door or an… Read More

I inspire you, to announce you to you. Be courageous,strong, gutsy, and wholehearted, Mission within that longs to be. Acquire, gather, procure, and accomplish. Revealing is the veil, awakening you to you. –Balance–Release–Receive–Balance–Release–Receive– Ann Oswald Laird Going within in Death Valley, California

Today, to desireĀ is an imprint, an image, a post, a quote, an expression all dressed up for all to see. Look at me, look at me, look at me, the reflection of the desire i wish to be. I dare to ask, where are you, are you here, are you listening, are you the action of your desires? Go beyond, move through and create. It is not only to desire but to… Read More

Just for today, be present to the community within, guided by their resources, the power within. To awaken, to connect, to commune, to be joyful. Observe a separateness, a loneliness, a disconnection of sorts Recognize the calling to be a part of, to gather, to celebrate. Put down the cell phones, the X Box and turn off the TV. It is not there… Ann Oswald Laird Celebration, a coming together, to commune,… Read More


I inspire you, to be ok with what is, to acknowledge where you are and to go within, to speak with ease and to see the world as you intend it to Be. Ann Oswald Laird Making new paths in Cooks Forest Pennsylvania      

I inspire you, to change, that which is abundant by the awakening of a New Year, a new way of doing, a new you. Be Bold, for change has a dear friend, resistance. Be Focused, for resistance goes hand in hand. with complacency. Be Grateful, for complacency is a companion to self ridicule. Be Curious, for self ridicule is a confidant to judgment of others. I say, there are two paths to… Read More