Templates In Light


The templates carry the frequencies of Oneness Consciousness. A way in which higher vibrations and frequencies can manifest in abundance upon Earth and to do so with ease. The Templates are a collaboration of Oneness Consciousness that create an avenue for the information to be present in form.

Templates carry within their morphic field an abundance of information that empowers the receiver to meet them where they are. In other words, as you work with the Templates they provide information that is beneficial for your higher good, information that empowers you to align with your Divine Contract.

The Templates allow you to transcend, to shift, to be a new and then to allow you to go deeper, deeper still. Always gently guiding you to merge more fully into the recognition of your connection to the Oneness Consciousness.


Templates are an energetic activation of Light, a matrix, a morphic field of information that is always in manifestation. A complex spiritual dynamic simplified into one energetic tool. Enables you to access a larger template of information without cluttering the mind with a multitude of details and fixed ideas. The symbol has a potentiality to shift all or any potentiality. All the user has to do is to utilize the symbol with focused attention and allow the template to manifest the Divine outcome. The beauty of the templates is that all you have to do is just Be. A healing practice that teaches you to not think.

Intention is the state of allowing Self to manifest an experience. Intention is the first right of passage into the manifestation of Spirit into form. Intention is the gateway of which the gatekeeper is present. Intention allows for the gatekeeper, you to activate the potential outcomes to begin to become fully present to the experience.

In other words, you through your intention begin the process of an experience and more so by setting your intention you are gathering potentiality for the outcome of the experience. Remember it is so, what you intend is the for-front navigator that begins to manifest experiences that alter the experience that create the outcome. Let’s just say for a moment that your intention is in alignment with the greater good of All, expect the outcome to be so even if the outcome is not in the best of what you perceive the outcome to be. The Templates are set with the intention of the higher Good of All and by doing so they are in alignment with the Ascension of Mother Earth and All her inhabitants. By allowing yourself to be called to this experience of working with the Templates you are being called to set the intention of the Oneness Consciousness to manifest in abundance upon Earth. You are called to navigate with the symbols to unite Human Consciousness with Oneness Consciousness.

Oneness Consciousness is the validity of the manifestation Spirit in Form. It is the breath through the bloodline of the truth of who you are. It is the life force that resides in All. It is the breathe and blood of the sacrament of what it means to be the culmination of spirit and Form, Matter and Spirit. Oneness Consciousness is that where you hail from, the essence of who you are. It is the Divine Light that resides within. The activation of Humans is upon planet earth and it is the Oneness Consciousness that is calling all of Earth inhabitants home. Understand that it is not just that of who you are called but human that is being called home. It is the planet Earth herself and All that resides upon her, the trees, the waters, the animals, the mountains and so on. It is All who are being called to the echoing of the heartbeat of Oneness Consciousness.

Oneness Consciousness is the rhythm of life that resides also in the meridians and grids upon planets. It is the link that fosters the co-creation of All lifeforms. To access Oneness Consciousness is to transcend the density and to align with the frequencies of Divine Will, to let go and to surrender to the greater good of All.


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